Monday, March 09, 2009

#queryfail day on twitter!

Ok, for some reason I've become totally obsessed with this idea.  March 5 was declared "#queryfail" day by a handful of literary agents who tweet regularly.  Throughout the day, they posted the worst of the worst queries.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

-"It would be a huge mistake if you don't publish this book."  A threat?  Always a good career move. ;-)  
-"What if everything you knew to be true, turned out not to be true?  What if it were, in fact, false?"  Actually, this sounds like it could be an interesting idea, but the cliches are just too much.
-A query that included 50 other agents in the email address box.  Ugh!  Slushy slush slush.  
-A query in which the writer asked to schedule a phone call, because the book is just too difficult to describe in writing.  Huh?
-A query that describes a "fictional novel."  As opposed to the one that really exists? 

Want more?  Visit and search "#queryfail"

We all make mistakes.  I've sent out my fair share of mediocre queries.  The above post wasn't meant to poke fun as much as it was meant to remind us all to polish, polish, polish and then RESEARCH before submitting to agents and publishing houses.  Being published is a dream many of us share.  Being published on #queryfail is NOT!  :-)

Write on!


Shelli said...

i watched this real time and it was hilarious. I dont know what all the negative hype is all about.

Mitch Wallace said...

Definitely stuff to keep in mind when I start querying for my (almost-done!) novel. I'm sure my first batch of queries won't be perfect by any means, but I do aim to come across as at least coherent, if not capable, in my contact with agents.

Kristin Tubb said...

Shelli, if I'd watched this real time, I would've been glued to my Mac all day! What a hoot! And Mitch, I'm certain you'll come across as both coherent and capable! Just don't make the mistake of mentioning how very much your mom likes the mss! ;-)

Thanks for visiting!

Mitch Wallace said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Kristin! But what do I do if my mom really DOES end up liking my manuscript? Then what? :p