Friday, December 12, 2008

Books Make Great Gifts!

Everyone is clinching their belts a little tighter this Christmas.  But you can get everyone - EVERYONE! - on your list a gift they will love, a gift that might even change their life...for under $20 a person!  Give BOOKS this holiday season!  And I'm not sayin' that because, well, I just so happen to have one out there myself.  ;-)  No, the experts agree:  Books Make Great Gifts!  See for yourself, here.  

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Trew Crew Blew Me Away!

This pic of me, Emma and Bess Trew was taken the day before Thanksgiving in Athens, TN (give it up for the Big A, yo!) at a signing at the E. G. Fisher Public Library:

There is *nothing* cooler than chatting with readers.  Nothing!  And really, what author doesn't love to see this:

That's Bess, holding 10 - 10! - purchased copies of Autumn.   The Trew Crew is making it their personal mission to see Autumn's name on the bestseller list.  I am making it my personal mission to tell the world how very wonderful the Trew Crew is!  In true (Trew?) Autumn-speak, "Thanks, y'all!"  :-)