Friday, December 12, 2008

Books Make Great Gifts!

Everyone is clinching their belts a little tighter this Christmas.  But you can get everyone - EVERYONE! - on your list a gift they will love, a gift that might even change their life...for under $20 a person!  Give BOOKS this holiday season!  And I'm not sayin' that because, well, I just so happen to have one out there myself.  ;-)  No, the experts agree:  Books Make Great Gifts!  See for yourself, here.  


Barrie said...

Claire started your book today!

Kristin Tubb said...

Yay! Oh, I hope she likes it! Keep me posted! My niece was so excited about your book - thanks again!

Renée said...

Hi Kristin!

I bought your book for my daughter for Christmas. (I'm a friend of Kris T.'s and she recommended it.) I read it too and thoroughly enjoyed it! Great job! I loved Autumn's spunk and also the way you effortlessly portrayed the flavor of such an interesting culture and time period. It reminded me of Cold Sassy Tree!

Can't wait to read whatever you write next!

Take care,


Kristin Tubb said...

Hi, Renee! Thank you so much for reading Autumn and for stopping by this blog! (And thanks to Kris, too! ;-) ) And wow - Cold Sassy Tree is one of my FAVORITE books of all time! You have no idea how cool it is to be mentioned in the same breath as that book! *fans self with fingertips* :-)

Thanks again, Renee! I hope you're having a wonderful New Year!

Shelli said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Kristin - hope to see you again. Glad you liked Lisa's interview.