Monday, October 20, 2008

Something Wicked, and Something Free

Congratulations to my friend Alan Gratz on the release of Something Wicked!  Wicked is a Horatio Wilkes mystery, a modern-day version of MacBeth.  I'm lucky in the ARC department, and happened to win one of these puppies.  Wicked is funny, snarky, and mysterious - in short, wicked awesome!  And - bonus!  Alan is one of those fantastic authors who wants to get his books in the hands of more folks, so to celebrate the release of Wicked, he's offering the first Horatio Wilkes mystery - Something Rotten, based on Hamlet - for FREE on his website.  That's not a misprint, folks... the whole book, F.R.E.E.  The catch?  You gotta download it before November 30.  Run!

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